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U3A - the University of the Third Age - is an international movement that encourages people to take part in lifelong learning for pleasure. U3A allows people to enjoy educational, creative, social and leisure activities in a relaxed environment at low cost. There are no prior qualifications, no exams and no degrees awarded.

U3A Yarra City aims to

  • Provide opportunities for seniors for lifelong learning and social activity
  • Harness the cultural diversity, life experience and knowledge of older people
  • Provide affordable self-help educational and recreational programs for mature adults
  • Foster relationships with other community organisations which have complementary or compatible aims

U3A Insights

Intrigued by what a University of the Third Age does? Who can be involved?

SEMESTER 2 , 2018
New and continuing Courses, Classes and Tuesday Talks.

New Courses.

14/08 - then monthly. Social Issues Learning Circle. Rob Salter will initially lead this group, which will meet monthly to discuss a different social issue or question, eg, Should drugs be legalised? Do we need denser cities? Closing the gap between life outcomes for Indigenous and other Australians. Why is Australian politics not working very well at the moment? Online articles would be selected in advance and read by participants before the session. There might be one or more articles totalling maybe 15-25 pages. This will be a bit like a book group but using articles instead and with less to read. As well, there might be discussion questions sent out in advance. It is hoped that group members will share the tasks of selecting topics, articles and questions and facilitating the discussion.

21/08 Modern Tree Care This course has been postponed due to a health-related issue of the tutor. New date will be forthcoming and currently and future enrolees will be notified.

Tuesday Forums 2018

7/08 …My Book Girl Talk What’s It about? … Gwenda Beed Davey book contains ten oral history interviews with Australian-born women talking about their childhood. Most of the interviews were recorded for the National Library of Australia. The oldest contributor was born in 1904, and the youngest in 1998, so the book covers one hundred years. A lot has changed for girls, in those years, and Gwenda will talk about some of those changes, some of which mean a lot to her. Girl Talk is also a tribute to older women in Australia.

14/08 One Good Street, how neighbourhood initiated care can reduce loneliness and isolation in senior residents. Matiu Bush will introduce this neighbourhood social networking site that aims to reduce loneliness and social isolation among seniors and has been awarded the top prize at the inaugural 2018 Senior Living Innovation Challenge. One Good Street aims to reduce social isolation and loneliness in senior residents through local initiatives and to provide a platform of opportunities for people to offer their assistance to older residents.

21/08 End of Life Decision Making. In this talk, Mary Draper will focus on the recently passed legislation on voluntary assisted dying and outline its main features, how it was developed and the rationale for the approach taken. The legislation allows people who have a terminal illness and are near the end of their life to have control over the manner and timing of their death if they want to pursue this. She will talk also about how legislation works in the US and Canada, having done a study tour there late last year. She will set this more broadly within issues about choice and control around end of life care and discuss also the role of advanced care planning in end of life care.

28/08 Understanding Hearing Loss Better. Gwen Rosengren will address the changes we experience in our hearing as we age and focus on “what to do about a hearing loss” from having an understanding of hearing tests, contact and communication with audiologists, getting hearing aids and the various issues involved in this process, to information on other technology available and an awareness of communication strategies and the role of other people. The talk will also address the implications of social isolation and loneliness that can be experienced if hearing loss is not understood and addressed.


Collingwood Library, 11 Stanton Street, Collingwood. 10.30 a.m.

Guests welcome.

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Semester dates 2018
Semester 1: 30 Jan to 29 June
Semester 2: 16 July to Dec 14
Semester 1: Tuesday, January 30th to Friday June 29th. School holidays, including Easter: Friday, March 30th to Sunday April 15th. Midyear break: Saturday June 30th to Sunday July 15th.
Semester 2: Monday July 16th to Friday, December 21st. School holidays: Saturday, September 22nd to Sunday October 7th.


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